The intricacy of feeling too much.

New England Born. Twenty-Six. Stuck in Orlando.
Twister Champion ‘08. 

Twister Champion ‘08. 


Every few months, especially during the time to renew my lease I get this immense urge to leave Florida for good. I always end up renewing because logically right now it would benefit me more to stay than to leave. Although, every year that passes I feel as though that goal seems more and more unattainable, like a lie I tell myself. I really wish I could leave, I’m so tired of living here. 


I just found out I was the “other woman” while I was dating Josh (tall lawyer) last year.

He’s been with his girlfriend for 10 years, doesn’t even live with her. 

I only dated two guys last year, and I’m pretty sure the other guy was sleeping with someone else too. I trust way too easily. 

I’m glad I’m staying single this year.

The irony of the last song I posted. Hahaha!

My mother liked to pretend we were twins. 

My mother liked to pretend we were twins. 

Ed Sheeran


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  • I had a weird dream last night that I was in Paris and in a Spanish restaurant, but couldn’t read the menu. Odd, because I can read Spanish. I then wake up to messages from my new friend in Paris. 
  • Still haven’t booked my travel plans to Boston because I’m waiting for tour dates to be released. My friend originally invited me during the first week of October and I feel quite bad because I’m pretty sure I’ll be going at a different time.
  • Yes, I care about seeing Ed Sheeran more than my friend. 
  • My sister and her girlfriend are moving in with me in about 3 weeks, I know I might regret it and it’s gonna give me the worst anxiety. But she’s my youngest sister and no one else will help her. 
  • I like to use bullets because my thoughts are always so scattered, which makes me the worst type of writer. 
  • Sometimes when I write posts I feel a little déjà vu.
  • I really want to move out of Florida. 

I wish I had the same kind of inspiration this morning as I find right as I’m about to go to sleep.

Truth Tuesday

I always think of a Truth Tuesday post on any day but Tuesday.